Forensic Expert

Are You Looking For A Forensic Expert Speaker For Your Conference? Posey Partners Speaks At Schools, Job Fairs, and More As The Region's For-most Forensic Expert.

Why might you want a forensic expert speaker at your conference or event? The reasons are vast. Forensic science is a field that draws those who want to make a change in the world by understanding what happened even when those who it happened to cannot tell. There are many fascinating cases that were solved due to creative thinking, fast minds, and skills that may otherwise go unused in another field. If your group may be interested in learning about this field or if you are trying to help your students or group learn about new rewarding careers then schedule Posey Partners for a keynote speaker you will not soon forget. You will learn all you never knew, you never knew about the field and so much more.

Forensic science has been around for longer than most people realize as humans attempted to understand things that happened to them or their loved ones. Forensic science as we understand it today has grown in complexity, scope, and accuracy over the last several decades. The first United States forensics laboratory was created in 1924 in Las Angeles, and the first FBI lab was established in Washington D.C. in 1932. There is no way to go into the details needed to explain the advances of forensic sciences over the past several years in a single article, but suffice it to say that forensic science is in need of talented individuals to choose the forensics science career field. If you have been on the fence about a major or already have a degree in a field you see as unrelated, you may discover your calling in forensics.